Özlem PAJIK JONES I have always drawn pictures as a very practical means of expressing myself since my early years. At primary school, my ability to draw was initially misinterpreted by my dear teacher Mustafa Bey, who summoned my mother to the school and asked her to stop drawing my art homework for me…  When he […]

1987 Deuxième prix du grand concours artistique des lycées d’Istanbul 1989 Exposition de miniatures au Musée des Arts Islamique, Ibrahim Paşa Palace, Istanbul 1996 Cours de miniatures Ottoman au Topkapi Palace, Istanbul 2002 Cours sur les techniques d’aquarelle, Conseil de l’Europe 2004 Stage de l’Enlumineur, par Mme Nicole VARIN-PICHON, Strasbourg 2008 Cours particuliers sur les […]